Michele Palagyi


Favorite Quote:

"It is easier to act yourself into a better way of feeling, than to feel yourself into a better way of action" - O.H. Mowrer

Alma Mater:

Florida State - BS and UF (Post-grad work) - I will root for both teams, until they play each other - then it's my Noles, every time.

Favorite Teams:

Jags & Phillies – Family ties in PA will always make me a Phan!

Career Leading to Mad Men:

Who hasn't waited a table or two..
Episcopal School of Jacksonville – Admissions Representative
WJXT-Channel 4 – Account Executive
Mad Men Marketing – Executive Vice President and Creative Services Director


I love to travel, need the beach, enjoy painting & photography and am a nut for puns…

Fun Fact:

I’m strangely ambidextrous.. I can write cursive, backwards, with my left hand.. Upside down, too, if I’m looking for a challenge! It may not look pretty, but it’s legible.

Guilty Pleasure:

Mountain Dew, you’ll rarely find me without!