Website Development

Exceptional ExpressionEngine, WordPress, and Web Application Development

We develop in the most creative, user-friendly way possible to make sure your website or app looks, works, and operates top notch! We program in PHP, Expression Engine, CSS3, HTML5.

Mad Men Marketing is highly experienced in custom programming. From various marketing platforms to job posting engines, our programmers bring to life any idea you can imagine.  We also work with multiple API (application programming interface), which allows us to use your content or idea to interact with websites such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Have an idea for a new app? Mad Men Marketing can help. Designing, developing, and programming your idea into an app is a great way for your business to be more interactive. Using frameworks such as PhoneGap, our programmers can create a wrapper for your app that will be cross client compatible (Android and iPhone).

Our custom programming create user-friendly custom databases, administration panels, CMS (content management system), and
CRM (custom resource management).  We also create a unique custom billing application for your website or app for online transactions.

Programming languages are, quite literally, another language. We are fluent in multiple programming languages, such as PHP, Javascript, and jQuery, among others.
We code our webpages in the newest, most progressive forms of HTML5 and CSS3.  Working in HTML5 allows more stylistic programming, as well as faster load times.