Corporate Identity

Let Mad Men Marketing help you build a strong Brand by establishing your Corporate Identity

Designing the right Identity for your company ensures the type of reliability and consistency your consumer depends on. Your identity establishes your Brand, which is what carries you through your marketing strategy, getting you recognized in all the advertising venues you decide to take your business.

Your Identity is your Brand and everything that entails. Branding your company is one of the most important things you can do in order to make a lasting impression in the market.  Although this might sound counterintuitive, your Identity thrives by branding the consumer, not yourself.  Choosing a few simple words, speaking to the consumer, to prove up your brand and Identity will cause your company to hold on to its relevance and therefore maintain longevity. 

Branding is:

  • Your image
  • Your logo
  • Your color palette
  • Your signage
  • Your tag lines
  • Your overall approach to interacting with your clientele.

Your brand must be consumer-driven in order to relate to your target audience. Here at Mad Men Marketing, we thrive off ideas and believe we have the ability to speak the language of the consumer, translating your message into terms that connect with them. Your Brand must be multifaceted - enabling your advertising to prove up your brand and message through effective design and placement.