Broadcast Services

Taking your message and producing consumer driven campaigns to attract to your target audience.

Broadcast Design encompasses all elements of production, from pre through post. It's our way of viewing the design of your campaign to appeal to the masses - creating attractive visuals and impactful stories to reel your audience in, getting them to pay attention.

In designing a television campaign - there are several elements to consider.  Your broadcast design needs to have all the pieces in place to convey your image and identity - delivering your desired message while still showing the consumer something they've never seen before, ensuring a lasting impression.

Broadcast Design consists of:

  • Pre-Production: Outline, Script, Storyboards, Setting, Theme, Content and Direction
  • Production: Lighting, Filming, Direction, Actors/Voiceovers
  • Post-Production: Color Gradients, Editing, Title Graphics, Music, Video Encoding and/or Internet uploads

Having an effective broadcast design means having the ability to choose the right look and plan, infusing new and innovative ideas to catch the imagination of your audience, ultimately maintaining their interest for the duration of your campaign.