Twisted Fitness Studios - Virginia Beach, VA


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Twisted Fitness is an all women studio that offers pole dancing and other cardio classes.  For their website, we remade the look of their site and created a fully dynamic sorting portfolio for displaying different classes and instructors.

  • Customized Wordpress theme that included LOTS of pink and girly flare.
  • Integrated a calendar to the website showing classes and times.
  • Added rotating image sliders
  • Created sorting portfolios for displaying classes and instructors
  • Added even more pink!

The final result came out quite nicely, and we hope the instructors at Twisted Fitness agree!

First we wanted to redesign the homepage of their existing website.  By adding rotating sliders we wanted to give it a more updated look as soon as you visit the site.  We fully designed the website, being sure to use plenty of pink in our designing.  Next, we integrated a calendar to the site making it easier to look up classes and times, as well as add an instructor list.  The website came out to look clean and navigate easily, but at the same time keep it’s very girly feel.