Be Easy - Jacksonville, FL


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For Be Easy’s Band site, we wanted to make sure the homepage was inviting and cool.  With custom sliders and tile-shaped picture style, we believe we accomplished exactly that.  Band sites are always a fun website to create, filled with plenty of pictures and interesting bios, we are happy the way the site turned out.  Below are some of the features of the site:

  • Custom Sliders
  • Responsive Structure
  • Contact Page
  • Bios and Show Times Page
  • The website turned out how we wanted and we look forward to see how it will grow in the future.

For this site, we had a few goals in mind.   First we wanted a site that was interesting and visually appealing as soon as you visit.  For this, we focused on the design aspect and use of lots of pictures.  Next, we wanted to use a framework for the website that was fully mobile compatible.  For this reason, we used a responsive design that works perfectly on smart phones, as well as easily transferable to a Facebook page.  We tied it all together with some quotes, a bio page, a contact sheet, and of course a show times page.  We like the way this website turned out!

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