Jacksonville Advertising Agency

We hear all the time that people aren’t sure they want or need an advertising agency, specifically here in Jacksonville. What businesses should hire an ad agency? My budget is too small for an ad agency…ad agencies are too expensive, and so on. A Jacksonville advertising agency can help your business increase sales through ideas and save you money almost right out of the gate. Below you will find some helpful facts about our company, the industry in general and what to look for when considering an advertising agency.

Did You Know?

1.  This Jacksonville based advertising agency offers most of our services at no cost to you.  Only a few of our suite of services require a retainer fee.

2.  Creative concepts are always no cost to our clients.

3.  We are experts in an array of marketing areas: Media planning and buying, production, SEO, web design, forecasting, competitive analysis, creative design, logo development, budget analysis and social media.

4.  Experts at delivering research data

5.  Will work category exclusive to your industry

Why does all this matter?
There are several reasons these items above should matter to you when considering an advertising agency.  Above all else, the way this advertising agency works, it will cost you nothing to hire us and retain our expertise for your marketing needs.  It truly doesn’t make sense to not hire an ad advertising agency.  Here are some great facts about why you should be hiring an advertising agency to help your marketing plans.

1.  An outsiders view of your company is always a good thing

2.  Quality of communication and project management

3.  Sales – you will always get new ideas to eliminate stagnant progress

4.  We are experts

5.  Public relations expertise to help you avoid costly mistakes

6.  Brand quality control

7.  Advertising agencies can ultimately save you time and money.

What should you look for when hiring an advertising agency?

1.  Always make sure you are working with a company that will understand your needs – first and foremost

2.  See some of their current and past clients – do they fit within your industry or relate in some way

3.  Look at the quality of work they are putting in the market place

4.  A recommendation is always a good thing to ask for

5.  Make sure they are passionate about growing your business incrementally through advertising

The next time you ask yourself if an advertising agency is right for your business…please understand that no matter the marketing need, no matter the budget and advertising dollars spent in the market…there is an advertising agency in Jacksonville right for you.  Call us any time with questions regarding the industry or if you just want to get a better understanding of how things work, we are happy to help.