Jacksonville Ad Agency – What to Expect?

When selecting an ad agency in today’s climate, you must consider much more than previous work and experience. So many agencies are trying to become something beyond producing radio & television spots. What about your website redesign, or your mobile app needs? How can you carefully choose an ad agency that works? Mad Men Marketing hopes this will serve as some type of guide in your selection process.

Your advertising is the essential ingredient to helping potential customers make the ever important selection of your product or service over that of your competitor.  Advertising is how you communicate your marketing plan with a consumer driven brand.  The main reason you should hire an ad agency: so you can focus on what you do best, create your product or service and continually improve on it.  Let us worry about getting people to become a first time customer.

First things first, what you should expect a Jacksonville ad agency to do for you:

1.  Research your industry and your competitors

2.  Help define and add clarity to your objectives

3.  Fully understand your business

4.  Be able to integrate a marketing plan that suits your needs

5.  Creative design “geniuses”

6.  Ability to remain effective while negotiating rates for your advertising dollars

7.  Clearly define fee schedule

8.  Continually be cost-effective and creative


The ability to effectively market your business starts with fresh ideas.  Ad agencies will offer you a fresh perspective to the market place and help you to better understand your target demo. Remember you are the expert in your marketing plan, an ad agency is the expert in advertising your marketing plan.  They are not one and the same, if you feel that way, please call us today and at least learn how to better market your business through advertising.  And remember, interact, don’t interrupt.