The Golden Apple


Later this month, Apple will make their long awaited debut in the DOW Jones Industrial Average.

Posted by ryanblair in Economics, International, Jacksonville Ad Agency, Jacksonville Advertising Agency | March 6, 2015

AT&T will no longer be a part of the 30 companies counted toward the calculation of the Index.  This comes on the heels of a 7-1 stock split by Apple, which lowered the price/share to a much more reasonable $125.  Apple is one of, if not THE most valuable company out there and it will no doubt rev up the DOW engine, and potentially bloat the index initially.  I can't help but be excited even though I know the metrics will be somewhat skewed initially.  This is an exciting time as numbers in most major indexes are seeing record numbers.  Some will say that this is a bubble nearing an explosion, but on the other side of that spatial model, they will tell you that the DOW could approach 23,000 within a year or two.  The truth may lie somewhere in the middle.  Whatever the case may be, I look forward to what is to come of it.

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