One Spark, Endless Opportunities….


You may have heard rumblings that One Spark is coming to Jacksonville, and that it's a big deal. One Spark is the real deal and it provides a unique opportunity to put Jacksonville on the map in a big way.

Posted by ryanblair in Community, International, Jacksonville Ad Agency, Local, Social Media | April 15, 2013

Jacksonville could become synonymous with this festival and it could beckon innovators, philanthropists, community organizers, and more for years to come.   If this event is as successful as I anticipate it will be, our One Spark could rival several other festivals simply because of the uniqe crowd-funding opportunity that exists.  Everyone will be vying for a piece of the $250,000 pie, but if that weren't enough, investors like our own Shad Khan have pledged massive amounts of money to innovators and fledgling companies.  One Spark has electrified social media and the entire city has been buzzing about it for months.  It's truly a testament to the power of networking.  I foresee the next festival really upping the ante and bringing even more money to the table and even more international talent to the shores of the First Coast.  I'll see you there, April 17-21 in downtown Jacksonville!  Be One Spark.

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