New Fall Season Changes Media Buying


Although I love summer, it's dreadful for television. After all, there's only so much Celebrity Game Night any one person can take. Thankfully, the fall season began in earnest last night with Fox debuting "Sleepy Hollow", a contemporary twist on Washington Irving's classic. I must say, I've neglected Fox for years, but they might have gotten me back, if only for one hour every Monday night.

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New fall shows, mean new ratings.  New ratings mean new places to spend your money and a new audience to see your product or service.  The new fall season will definitely shake up prime time, although I don't foresee CBS relinquishing the cobra clutch they have on Thursday nights.  I encourage everyone to get excited, step out of your box, and break with the norm a little.  You might be glad you did.  

For those of you who advertise, rest assured that Mad Men Marketing will be their every step of the way, monitoring viewing habits with NSA-like precision, down to what people DVR.  We are the only agency in the market to implement Rentrak, a service that gives us an extensive breakdown of what viewers watch based on innumerable sub-categories and demographics.  While Nielsen utilizes an archaic journal-entry style system with less than a thousand people in the Jacksonville market participating (less than 1/8 of one percent), Rentrak uses 68,000 set top boxes that you're already using to gather data (roughly 8 percent).  This is what sets us apart among agencies, being well-informed of where to spend YOUR money on advertising and being ahead of the curve with a research-oriented approach.  

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