More Platform Jumping Than Ezio Auditore


It was reported this week that Google is devising a way to advertise across platforms (PC, smartphone, and tablet).

Posted by ryanblair in Advertising, Industry News, Jacksonville Ad Agency, Media, Television | March 14, 2014

What this means is that if you were to view an advertisement on your laptop, in theory, the same ad would appear on your smartphone or tablet.  This would be absolutely HUGE if it works as anticipated.  Currently, this is in a sort of beta phase, with large agencies with high traffic testing this nouveau hashtagging system.  If this works, this could be a boon to the advertising community at-large.  Digital marketing has already grown leaps and bounds due in large part to the ability to view and track analytics and hypertarget demographic groups.  This has the potential to usher in a new era within the purview of the digital marketing age, and with streaming television services becoming more and more the norm, how long will it be before digital supplants traditional media as the dominant medium for advertising?  Food for thought....

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